Friday, March 05, 2010

Evaluation of 3 Reps for Wanduan

Jake asked us to evaluate our reps for:
1. Precision
2. Consistency
3. Timing

I performed the reps within a 15 minute window. I recorded each rep, watched the video, thought through issues, recorded next rep, watched video, caught breath, recorded third video.

I find this set to be a bad baseline for precision. I'm still on an upward performance curve based on single repeats. I think the simple act of just watching my performance immediately after was a boon to my performance. I felt a really good progression with the individual techniques from each repetition.

That being said, I'm still not happy with the crispness of the down block, punch, punch, kick, elbow, down block sequences. There is a fine line between speed and complete techniques that I am still working on.

The leg breaks towards the end also look "muddy". I am working on having the Open Hand High Blocks landing with the stance, and felt I was relatively close on the third rep.

I don't think I have reached a plateau of fitness and technique to gauge consistency yet. This means I just need to practice more.

I have a great reference for the timing I want. Other than my own physical limitations, the sequences have come along nicely in terms of grouping. I would like to slow down between sections though and bring up the performance aspect.

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