Sunday, April 04, 2010

SORRY! Real Life Happened

So for this week:

In many areas Spring has arrived! So get outside!
Step 1: Get a friend with a camera and take snap shots of each move in the form as best as you can finish that form. Also take a photo of what the transition step should look like for each move. You can also use video camera and hold each position for reference.

You'll basically finish with your own photo reference for your form. Also by looking at the photos/video you'll be able to make sure you are performing the moves correctly.

Step 2: Starting at moving through the form very slowly, but hitting the transitions and end points perfectly. As the week progresses increase the speed with which you complete the form. Use video feedback to gauge your progress.

Good luck!

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kristin said...

I was going to nudge you to ask what happened, but figured that "life" thing was going on.

Looking forward to more posts on your progress and thoughts on your progress and development.