Monday, January 26, 2009

11 Year Old doing Bassai Dai (JKA Shotokan)

Sweet Mary and Joseph.

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Being a bad paterner Part Deux

Ok. So after I bitched and moaned about getting my rib broken...

I broke two ribs of a brown belt.

At 6'7" 235ish (down from 250!) I can actually throw a nasty jump spin side kick. I fight mostly as a right leg kicker and a typical response is for my opponent to block/eat a round kick and fade away in a CCW direction. Generally, that will put them in the prime position for the jump spin side. However, if they rush in trying to get past my kicking range, and don't know I have that kick as an option, they'll eat it in the ribs. Bill moved in quick, so thankfully, I wasn't fully extended, but it was still enough to mess up 2 ribs. Complete unintentional mistake on my part and a tactical error on his.

So what makes this situation different than when my rib was broke?


As the upperbelt, I have the responsibility to respond at the speed and pressure of the underbelt. I am also responsible to lead by example, throw controlled techniques. If I push myself, I should do so in a manner which is safe for both me and my partner. Good brownbelts are hard to find.

Don't break em.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

This Guy Broke My Rib

Just to clarify. This is the guy who broke my rib. He hits like a freight train. He's a very nice guy too. I just think he forgot what half-speed means.

Doesn't he look happy he is going to hit someone?