Sunday, February 24, 2008

Black Belt Exam

Two Provisional Nidans tested. April passed and is now a full Nidan; while Nick didn't pass, he DID kick Brad in the head, which was awesome.

The Junior Black Belt Candidates: They were awesome. ALL of them. Even though not all of them passed, it was great to see their passion for their training. I was very impressed with some of their techniques as well.

I got to actually fight one of the Senior Black Belt candidates. I had a good time. He did get in one shot to my left eye. I think I kicked him in the head a few times and controlled the fight. So I looked good. Andy fought well enough to pass as well. Wins all around.

One of the older gents passed as well and received his provisional Shodan the same night his daughter cleared her provisional off. Great job Bullens! Maybe photos or videos to come.

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